Photoshoot – E&C

I don’t really know what I was thinking of when I wrote down “shoot a wedding” on my bucket list: faded images of parents weddings? Romantic exposures by the likes of Hildreth? Perhaps even The privilege of being trusted with capturing the memories of one of the most important days in the life of a couple perhaps. One thing I definitely didn’t consider, is how insanely difficult it is to get there! That is something I was forced to consider a few days ago, when I went on my first couples shoot.

I met E&C at Liverpool St. Train station, after calling the person that got me the gig to try and find out exactly what I was meant to be doing. It turns out the couple I was meant to be shooting was my potential boss and his wife, a fact that C casually slipped in to conversation, turning the already terrifying prospect of being a paid third wheel into a job interview! In fairness, I did know that the results of this would determine whether I would be taken up on the program, this just cranked it up to eleven.

They were lovely, walking me through the entire process. Having them know that this was my first time did make things slightly easier. We chatted through everything whilst walking towards Spitalfield Market.

Having spent the morning and more of the night before trawling through articles and youtube videos on how to shoot couples and pose people, I was feeling more than prepared completely overwhelmed by the amount you have to process whilst this is happening.

Carl & Elicia_-5 Carl & Elicia_-6

The couple themselves have chemistry, and you have to get them to bring it across in a photo. I don’t think I made enough of an opportunity of posed shots, principally because I couldn’t remember many and thought it’d be rude to check the cheat sheet on my phone! It worked quite well in the wide space of the square, but trying to stop amidst hordes of tourists and hipsters to create a moment is harder than I thought!

It helped that they were willing to make a bit of an idiot of themselves for my benefit!

I do get the feeling that this became more of a tour than a shoot, at least on my part. I was showing them around our favourite bits of London (but who doesn’t love East?!). It came in handy that they were big chocolate fans, as one of the stops on the Bryan tourbus was Dark Sugars. It’s a big shop where they hand make delicious chocolate in all shapes and sizes. They have bars weighing several tens of kilograms stacked up on trees inside the store! Carl & Elicia_-12

As we were walking down, E was loving the fact that we were on Brick Lane, and so on our way back, we grabbed the opportunity on a quiet part of the street to get this, my favourite picture of the day.

As to my feelings regarding the interview – I’m not sure. I approached it with pretty high hopes and visions of what I would get but most of them didn’t materialise. The choice of location was probably too heavily based on what I thought would be good over what might actually have worked better (perhaps Regent’s Park, Camden Passage, Primrose Hill or Hampstead Health). The new lens also contributes to my general feeling of trepidation, focusing is truly an issue, a lot of pictures taken with the 85mm, maybe 30% miss. I thank the Lord for Lightroom, Black and White covers a multitude of sins. However, it was fun, I got some free chocolate and potentially a new job!





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