WEC Film test

A local (not really sure I can use that term in central London) camera store had some new film in stock and was looking for people to test it out, making a little scavenger hunt! The premise was you enter the film store, pick your roll from a dark box and shoot everything on the list before 4:30. I tested the Revolog Volvox.


It was a really interesting film, with random acid like green dots distributed randomly within each shot


The film itself was brilliant, but the sheer randomness of the dots did catch me unawares! They are more visible in the darker areas of the picture

CNV00026 CNV00019

Some worked out quite nicely! I do think shot in the dark, the volvox would really come to life. There were 36 exposures, and I’m used to being sparing with 24, so I was definitely more frugal than I should have been with shooting. This left several unexposed frames, which, arguably, look better than all the rest!

It was quite a fun overall, it’s rare that you get let loose with free developing costs! However, due to the sheer oddness of the film, I doubt I’ll be much of a contender for first place in the hunt!



Lemme know what you think!

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