The Lakes

It had been a really long week. We’ve been assigned our first essay, 1500 words on the effect of public-private partnerships. This doesn’t sound like much, but I haven’t written at length for a very long time, so whilst I’m fully aware of the molehill I’m making into a mountain, it’s still flipping hard to climb! It was, therefore, with a sense of dejection I boarded the train back home to celebrate my dad’s birthday.

Don’t get me wrong, I was really excited to see my family, but it was intermingled with the knowledge that I would have to constantly duck out to read another paper here and add a few extra words there. No such thing happened this weekend. Instead, We were surprised with a trip into the Lake District!


We aren’t a very walk-y family, but given where we were, it would be a crime not to go out and explore a little. The first morning was spent climbing up to Orrest Head, which, following the horrific rain the night before, wasn’t without its challenges, but the views of Lake Windermere were remarkable!



This cute little guy followed us for the last leg!

DSC_5723 DSC_5743 DSC_5744 DSC_5766

The lake itself is also stunning, we spent most of the afternoon on it, guided by a delightfully Liverpudlian captain. The weather took a turn for the better (rare in The North), resulting in a wonderful day overall!

One of my favourite things about going away with the family is that they pay for everything! I never really appreciated this small fact until I became a student and appreciated the value of a free lunch! We went to Pasty Presto, home of the “world’s best pasty” for lunch, but did’t order one, although I kind of wish I did! However, I did have my first white hot chocolate, which was an odd and marshmallow-like affair. Their regular hot chocolate was nothing to write home about, but this was a different beast entirely. It’s definitely a lot sweeter than most, but doesn’t quite have the sickly taste you get with over sweet milk chocolate. It doesn’t really taste like white chocolate either, more like a really sweet cream, which was nice, but I wouldn’t have it all the time.

More delightful reasons to love The North.



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