Too much of a good thing!

Ok, maybe not quite, had a lot of hot chocolate recently!

I decided to try and get more involved in photography society stuff, as I have a bit more time, and today they had a fantastic alternative to the alcohol-sodden classic, the caffeine crawl. One of the stops was Fork, a beautiful little deli on Tavistock. Sadly, despite its amazing selection of breads, pastries and all things wonderful, their hot chocolate was probably one of the worst things I’ve ever tasted.

At £2.6, you would expect at least a good quality powdered chocolate with milk, I mean, even McDonalds gets that much right and it’s a fraction of the price. No, whatever it was they served in the bespoke recycled cup was the result of two pumps of syrup and probably some milk. It was thin, weak, and unappetising in every possible way. All in all, I highly doubt I will ever return


How could something so beautiful create something so vile?!

Another stop was on the Store street espresso. I’m learning to love Bloomsbury in a whole different way, behind the clean cut exterior found north of the Central Line, there are some fun little corners!

After the fork debacle, this was a welcome delight; real chocolate! I do feel like it’s (more of a) waste of money buying to go, as a big part of this is having somewhere to hang out and abuse WiFi privileges, but it was rather lovely.

DSC_5049 DSC_5047

Earlier this week, I did find my favourite coffee shop so far; La Gourmandina. This year, I’m studying around Russell Square, and have lectures in Great Ormond St. Hospital. Next to it, is a fantastic little road called Lamb’s Conduit St, where I found this gem during lunch. The service was amazing, the store itself is like a small tardis, and the chocolate was divine. I’m pretty sure it’s nothing more than dark chocolate and double cream, but they found a way of making it a drink and not just molten goo. It was absolutely fantastic.

I guess I’m not sleeping tonight!



Lemme know what you think!

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