Testing faith

The weekend marked the end of Freshers’ week here at UCL. We put on loads of events, and the response has been pretty amazing, despite many setbacks! In fact, the sheer number of people has been one of our biggest (literally) problems!

On Thursday, we had an open house event with around 15 confirmed guests. When the bus arrived with freshers from the quadrangle, numbers were breaking fifty, way more than could fit in Mark’s tiny living room and roof terrace! We had to walk over to my friend’s considerably larger flat, which was a shame, because the view was ace!

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 00.54.09

The same story could be told of the welcome fair. We were stuck in a corner between the Chocolate Society and the Comedy Club, which was great as we got fed and had some good banter! Unfortunately, it was a boiling hot logistical nightmare as we tried to get sign ups. Despite the hordes of freebie-seeking freshers, however, we managed to get a huge number of people interested, with more emailing in saying they’d like to join but couldn’t attend – amazing!

Today, I had my faith tested in a massive way. As I mentioned earlier, we’d been surprised at the overwhelming number of people keen to get stuck in, and so the room that we fought to get booked, was definitely going to be too small. The union has been undergoing huge renovations, as a result of which, space is extremely limited; they don’t even have space for lectures! This means clubs and societies fall to the bottom of the room-booking pecking order.

Lots of emails had been shot at the union, frantically trying to determine what room we had so we could tell everyone where to go. By around twelve, we still didn’t know, and were really at a loss as to what we could really do but watch our efforts slowly unravel. However, God really pulled through. At around three, we got a surprise email saying everything was confirmed, despite someone calling beforehand and them telling us we couldn’t have it as someone else had booked. This was literally amazing!

What followed was probably, in my opinion, one of the best meetings we’ve had in a long while. We packed out the larger room, people were stood up on the sides because we didn’t have enough chairs, there were loads of people hanging about afterwards, chatting, talking, and loads more at the bar, carrying on this great time of fellowship.





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