WPC – Humanity


“Special days”  were when all the program staff took a day off, and were bereft of any structure or routine, having to make do and entertain the kids for an entire day. Normally we do big all camp activities such as cops and robbers or the olympics. Rain puts a stop to all that, resulting in restless little packets of near-infinite energy confined in small sheltered spaces. Chaos. The rain got so bad we couldn’t even forecast an end, and so we had to make do. Luckily, we have a DVD player on the hill, and so we used that to solicit their good behaviour. It worked.

One good thing about hot countries is that the rain is amazing in its extremes. On this particular day, it almost flooded the cabins with that little river that’s visible in the photograph. It was unbelievably intense, and beautifully warm. So we stood outside and soaked it all up.

A wonderfully simple pleasure.


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