Successes, disasters and my favourite photograph, ever

A big part of this summer, for me, was trying out film photography for the first time. I have a polaroid, which is really fun, but there’s something really cool about holding an old SLR that I just had to try out.

It’s not been easy, nor cheap. Being new to the whole thing, I’ve bought lots of film from all the wrong shops, and had absolute nightmares loading and snapping film. In fact, last week, I sent my first roll off to be processed to find it was completely blank. Great.

I was feeling pretty sour about the whole thing, and half-heartedly sent the second roll, knowing full well it was ruined as I impatiently opened the back when it wouldn’t roll back. That came back today, and it’s amazing!

By amazing, I do not, by any means, mean all the pictures were great. In fact, a large proportion were a mess. A well exposed mess, mind, but a mess nonetheless. Some were super blurry, frames mixed in with each other, some were missing and others suffered the wrath of the few seconds of sun I exposed them to. However, amongst these, are some of my favourite pictures.



This, I have to admit, is the picture that brings me most joy. My face literally lit up when I saw it in the pack. It’s a mixture of knowing you took the photo blind, not expecting a single thing, and the sheer incredulity at how lucky you were for that thousandth of a second.


This is going to be an expensive habit.





Lemme know what you think!

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