The one I’ll miss the most

My last few days were spent in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, a small little area adjacent to Williamsburg. After stressing over this, E managed to find somewhere called the Greenpoint LodgeBright-23.

For what we paid, it was amazing, and I was constantly kicking myself as to why we hadn’t found it earlier! The area around us was lovely, with a huge park where we sat and watched some baseball.

Bright-22 Bright-21

This was our breakfast, at the Manhattan inn. A quirky little outlet, with a skylight and a piano for entertainment. The pianist was wonderful, but the environment slightly awkward, as if we were too close and were expected to be watching rather than appreciating the food and our own conversation. Bright-39Bright-37

This was probably one of the best bits of street art I saw in my whole time there. And believe me, there was a lot of it.
Bright-29 Bright-30

Bright-38The are around us was wonderful. There aren’t many things that would make me want to live in America, visit, maybe, but this neighbourhood is just so lively and amazing.

Unlike manhattan, however, Williamsburg and Greenpoint do sleep. At night, it can get kinda ropey, and I wouldn’t advise walking around too much on your own, but if you’re willing to brave the streets, you’ll be rewarded with an entirely different borough..

Bright-26..offering stunning views of the city such as these!

Bright-27And these!Bright-31Bright-32The next day was brilliantly sunny, and so I decided to brave the right hand side of the road on a Citi. They’re the more expensive facsimile of the Boris Bike – just as heavy and unwieldy! However, they are a marked improvement to my own two feet when it comes to moving around. After a while, I got the hang of the whole opposite side thing, and the road down to the Manhattan bridge was wonderful, I wish we had cycle lanes like this!

At the bottom of the island, just beneath the bridge, is a large skatepark. Some of the people there were absolutely incredible! I must have sat there watching for a good hour. Apparently there were some famous skaters there too, going by the reactions of the people around me! Bright-24

Add some family dinners, relaxing nights in, top banter and you’ll have yourself a week never to forget.
Bright-28Catching the flight on the following morning was an extremely sad affair, not helped by the fact that I’d not slept since the previous night due to an extremely hectic day of last minute prep. I was sent off, however, with this glorious sunrise that peaked from behind the manhattan skyline. Everyone in the waiting room was caught by surprise, incredulous as to whether that was really the sun. And just like that, I was gone.

Goodbye America, see you on television.





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