The one where we were almost homeless

Working with kids 24/7 means it’s really hard to figure anything out, especially when a lot of other people are involved. This was made even worse by the fact that we had no reliable internet. The result was ten people sat in Tempest trying desperately to figure out where we were going to sleep that night! As you can imagine, this all became rather stressful, tensions ran high, and so did the bill! The taxi ride there was 

We eventually managed to track down an apartment in downtown Manhattan, right next to Times Sq. After my last stay in Manhattan, I wasn’t particularly keen, but at that point we didn’t really have much choice. It’s much harder to be social when everyone is separated off into rooms as opposed to all sharing one huge house.

The apartment building was nice enough. The beds were lovely, and the maintenance guys were fixing the roof, so they left the fire escape open and we got a rooftop view! Bright-20Bright-2


The first night was pretty quiet. My favourite part about the hotel was that there was a Food Emporium nearby (think: small,  worse M&S). I may have gone on a slight spree and bought everything in sight. This was to make, probably the biggest meal I’ve ever made, serving over ten people a decent bolognese and fresh bread. There was plenty to spare too! Cooking it in a tiny hotel apartment was a nightmare, however, as the fire alarm(s) would go off every five minutes!


We decided to hit Chinatown! It was, unsurprisingly, incredibly crowded with tourists and hawkers at every street corner. We had lunch at the New Malaysian Inn, which was decent at $10, but the food was a little too greasy for my chopstick-incompatible fingers, forcing me to retreat to the familiar comforts of the fork. Bright-4 Bright-5
Bright-6 Bright-7MoMA, and other large galleries, I believe, offer free entry one day a week. Thanks to UNIQLO, we got in for nothing, and it was pretty cool! I wish I could appreciate art on a deeper level. Mostly I just like looking at all the architecture and design stuff. Paintings are breathtaking but a lot of it just goes over my head. The photography exhibit on the third floor was also quite good. E, my photographer friend, said some of the photographs brought her to tears. If you’re in NYC on a Friday afternoon, it’s definitely worth the line to get in, just don’t bring a big bag, unless you want to wait another hour! 
Bright-8 Bright-9 Bright-10Tribute to a fallen hipster 
Bright-11 Every saturday on the East River State Park, Williamsburg plays host to the Smorgasburg, a very large artisan food market. It was wonderful, and the food, albeit rather pricey, was delicious! Definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area. 

Bright-12 Bright-13This hot chocolate was from a place called Bakeri, on Wythe ave. It’s a small and unassuming patisserie, with, what I can only describe as a moody, adolescent Cath Kidston feel inside. The hot chocolate they served doesn’t look like much, but it’s one of the most unusual I’ve tasted. It was rich and warm, spiced with cardamom, normally used with coconut milk and cauliflower in some curries. It remained delicious to the very last drop. 
Bright-14After this, we packed up and moved to the next hotel, using Uber! It was one of the coolest things ever, you order a taxi through an app, and like a video game, it shows you, as a little icon, your cab coming towards you, and plots your entire journey. The payment comes off your card, and is, mostly, a lot cheaper than a normal NYC cab. Their customer service is also excellent, having both my issues resolved with money back too, I’d wholeheartedly recommend them if you find yourselves in the city. 


That’s all for now! 




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