The one with the cabins

Everything is really hectic at the moment. The season is coming to an insanely quick end, and classic Bryan has left all his planning to the last minute. As it stands, I still have very little idea of what I’ll do after the next four days, ha!

For our last day off, we went to a camp up the road on Seabago. It’s odd thinking I’m leaving one camp and going to another (out of choice!) but with no kids around, it was serene. We had a really nice group of people who were up for just relaxing, making it one of my favourite days off. And It would have been too, had we not been forgotten by the staff who came to pick us up five hours late!


Their lake was gorgeous


We found some coal and had a beach fire


And used the rest in the cabin. Falling asleep to a roaring fire is one of the most comforting things ever.


Silence, no one needing to pee, having nightmares, falling off beds, nothing but the sweet chorus of nature tells you its time to get up


The deer sure are a lot nicer without hundreds of kids running around


So are the hummingbirds!

Blogging has been slow and laboured, there are a lot of posts to catch up on, hopefully they’ll come soon, but that’s all for now!





Lemme know what you think!

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