The one with no internet

Most of today was spent lounging around enjoying the sun in NYC. Central Park is beautiful but sadly, I can;t upload my pictures as I’m sharing the internet with 90 other people in the middle of nowhere, so I shall have to find a Starbucks somewhere!

We arrived at camp after about an hours drive up state, and my word it is beautiful! The lake house is so picturesque set against the background of Bear Mt (named, nonsurprisingly because it has bears, a fact that literally surprised us all today!
 We named her Debbie).

It’s …different, to anything I’ve done before to put it that way, both in the bad and the good, but more on that as the whole experience unfolds. This week is mostly going to be spent training and getting ready for the campers’ arrival on Saturday. There’s a WalMart trip in there somewhere to purchase all the things I forgot to pack with money that I’m burning through like there’s no tomorrow. It’s almost like because it doesn’t feel like real money, I don’t ascribe it the same worth and so have gone through over $100 in less than a day!


We did get nearly unlimited Ben and Jerry’s today, and Hagen Daaz, so for now, I am happy.


p.s. posts may be few and far between due to being in the middle of nowhere! 


Lemme know what you think!

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