The first one

I survived!


Getting to Heathrow was fun, despite the constant nagging sensation that I’d forgotten something.


On the tube there I got talking to this one lady (I can already hear the gasps of disapproval from legions of Londoners) after both our spinner suitcases were subject to the acceleration of the piccadilly line. Turns out, we were both born in Kenya which made for an interesting chat about current affairs, intermingled with wistful nostalgia. Kenya seems to be a fantastic little trump card for making new friend in the most unlikely circumstances! Long story short, I made a new travel friend! She even gave me her card, forgetting, throughout the whole conversation, to mention that she works at *insert very large investment bank here* so I guess coffee is on her!


Despite the fact that my pre booked flight seat was stolen (Grr!) the view never ceased to amaze


I’ve never seen so many flags in such a short space of time, ‘murica!


This was a slightly lucky shot through the grimy window opposite me on the JFK shuttle to NYC. The buildings are extremely tall, so you feel slightly dwarfed by their sun blocking monolithic stature. The grid like layout of the roads makes for some really cool contrast though, if only cameras had the HDR of our eyes


Can’t say the same about my current area though, quite glad to only be here for the night..


After dropping off our luggage, we decided to hit up central. The weather clearly had other plans for us, and decided to open up, leaving us in the worst rain I’ve experienced in a long while. It was warm, so I couldn’t wear a jacket, but it did make our attempt to explore slightly depressing.


Times Sq.


It was so packed!




I travel almost 4000 miles for a KFC, and it was awful. Truly, I do not recommend this to anyone, what a waste of $7


Helvetica is the only redeeming feature of the NYC subway. Otherwise, it’s a dingy, sketchy version of Her Majesty’s finest. Oh tube, how I miss you, I shall never complain again. They do have AC, although it does take it do icy temperatures, so you’re either roasting or a popsicle.


Hurray for wide angle long exposure! The short focal length of the X100 means you can reduce the shutter speed to 1/8th with minimal blur. Also, people really don’t tend to bother you as much, as it just looks like another digital camera, which has its good and its bad points. I feel I’m slightly getting used to it now, it’s just a bit sluggish compared to a DSLR, but the size more than makes up for it when it comes to travel at least, and you still get good shots. Physical controls for aperture and shutter speed are definitely a plus, they get you to think about it before you shoot, and I can almost be prepared to expose a shot correctly, although that’s definitely a work in progress! The A mode always tends to overexpose, although can be good when the opportunity is unmissable.



Lemme know what you think!

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