It’s all getting a little too real

Yesterday was my last full day at home, and that is mildly terrifying.

It’s not that I’m not excited, nor that I think I’m going to feel excessively homesick, as I’ve stayed away from home at university for longer. It’s just the little things like changing money (Dollars feel awfully like monopoly cash, I’m gonna miss you Queenie) that remind you you’re going off into a whole new place for a really long time, which is a little unsettling!

We had a family meal today as a little send off, for which we chose Prezzo in Salford’s Media City. It’s quite  a new development onto the area surrounding the Lowry theatre, which used to be a bit of an eyesore, now extremely modern with high rise offices such as those for the Beeb and lots of open space to walk around and take it all in, brilliantly contrasted with the industrial remnants of the quay by way of the bridge and surrounding structures.

All of these were made even more stunning by the glorious turn of weather, giving us a fantastic opportunity to try out the panorama roof on the new car; the Yaris’ very own hat full of sky!

T minus two!



Setting sun has the fantastic ability to light up plane trails




It makes such a difference to the inside of the car!



Anglia-8 Anglia-7 Anglia-6


Lemme know what you think!

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