Breakfast ribs? I think so!

Today was Founders day at Hard Rock Cafe, and to celebrate ether 43rd anniversary, for one sacred hour, they reverted their menu and prices to those of the 70s. This, guys, means burgers are £.6 and racks of ribs £.8! Added to this, floats were £.25, sundaes £.4 and ice cream was basically free too! We were pretty over zealous with the queuing time, which resulted in us being pretty much first, which wouldn’t have been so bad if I hadn’t have skipped breakfast to make the train! Suffice to say the wait was worth it and we had an absolute whale of a time, for less than the Manchester train fare to boot!




The Roadhouse Ribs were incredible


The humble beginnings of my all time favourite burger, the 10oz legendary!


This was my sister’s first float!


There was pretty much no room in the inn when it came to dessert, but how could you turn this bad boy down?


et la pièce de résistance..



Lemme know what you think!

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