Adventures in your own backyard

Yesterday was one of those mythical days, like a unicorn of meteorology, only rarer, yes, it was sunny, all day in The North! Pippa came over from Nottingham and we had a pretty fantastic day.

After my nightmarish attempt at meatballs, the second time around was much improved, although the spice mix is still a work in progress! However, it made for a lovely lunch in my greenhouse conservatory. After lunch, it was down to Manchester for a beautifully indulgent afternoon out and the first road test for the X100.


100% No compromise hipster_

The toy-like size of the X100 makes for some fun hipster times!



This church has been under construction for as long as I’ve known St. Anne’s Square. It’s now finished and open to the public. It is absolutely wonderful, I’m sure my architect and history of art friends would have an absolute whale of a time. There weren’t many people inside, save for some elderly gentlemen paying their respects, a few ladies chatting in the back, assumedly working here, and a man playing the lone organ. It is a magnificent work of art, but admittedly, a little too grandiose for me, especially as a regular! The x100 struggled under the low light, but at 3200 ISO there’s barely any noise!


We finally managed to get seats at Home Sweet Home! Which is a decent little spot in the Northern Quarter. It doesn’t quite knock off Teacup, but the “Cookie Monster” Milkshake (now my favourite cold beverage) was wonderful, crafted with home made cookies with one extra! I did forget to add malt though which was a mistake in hindsight! They were a bit on the small side for the price (£4-5), and the cream wasn’t the best, but they were definitely a feast for the eyes and the visit alone was worth it. 



It’s small size does also mean you can try out some public shots without looking too imposing. This was a pretty badly composed long exposure shot of the train’s arrival. The Framing is still something to get used to, as the viewfinder is offset, but the exposure metre is quite good for coarse adjustments, and having physical buttons to adjust things is nice. 




  1. peterjfoster · June 13, 2014

    Scrolled through your text and really loved the photos. Thanks.


    • brybry1993 · June 14, 2014

      Hey Peter! Thanks for the lovely comment, I’m glad you enjoyed them!


  2. helenbriggsphotography · June 14, 2014

    Sounds like a fantastic weekend and lovely photos. As a fellow northerner I appreciate the joy in seeing sunshine 🙂


    • brybry1993 · June 14, 2014

      Yeah it really was, thank an Hahaha you know it. Best not to get too comfortable though, I doubt it’ll last long!


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