(almost) Goodbye

The last few days have involved travelling well over 1000 mi on the train between my two homes, in and out of meetings, restaurants and coffee shops, lots of spring cleaning and an intense house hunt; there truly is no rest for the wicked! Mixed in with all this have been lots of goodbyes. Some, harder than others, but all slightly dampening the excitement of the upcoming summer. Lots of people I know are starting entirely new chapters of their lives as they get ready to take their studies all around the world, from New Zealand to Chile! This is one thing I’ll miss by being a medical student, well, until sixth year.

It has made for some pretty great afternoons and nights in though!


These guys are from my bible study group at church, most of whom are going abroad next year or into work, which is sad but also exciting! This photo was taken after a very poorly organised (by me) dinner party! Taking one example, it “started” at 8 but food wasn’t served till 10, hah! I have crippling time management issues..

This blurry mess was the debut of my new Rangefinder. They look really nice but are pretty awkward to transition to from a DSLR due to the fact that the viewfinder is offset from the sensor, and lots of Autofocus issues. But they are really, really small!
DSCF0145It was so good I had to get it again!



Lemme know what you think!

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