As of last night, it’s official, I’m heading off to America!

I the letter two days ago from the director of a camp just on the edge of NY state. The work they do sounds really amazing, taking inner city homeless kids out into the woods for a couple of weeks to enjoy themselves, make some friends and be a kid again. My job is to lead a couple of the activities the kids get stuck into, and to oversee 6-8 kids over the time that they’re at camp, making sure they wake up on time, get to sleep on time, and have loads of fun in between!

Admittedly, the thought of committing to 8 or so weeks of constant activity is somewhat daunting. I did it for two weeks in a row last year and I was pretty much catatonic by the saturday. However, did I mention it’s in New York??

The only thing standing in my way at the moment is the minor detail of passing my exams…




Lemme know what you think!

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