More edible exploits

After last last week’s pretty successful first attempt at baking, I thought to give it another go and up the level of my lunchtime. Wholewheat flour makes the bread slightly harder to work with, but it’s worth it for the slightly healthier feel of the bread. Seeds and fruit are definitely next on the list. One thing I did consider, however, was the fact that It’s really not economical to make it yourself, as it takes a good two hours out of your day in prep and what I like to call “fret” time, time that you don’t completely have to yourself because either it’s proving or in the oven or have a mounting pile of washing up. However, it certainly feels a lot nicer, and baking is always about the qualitative, as yes, you could always just walk out to the store and buy one!


This week was also my turn to bake for our bible study, and I resorted to a good ol’ favourite, banana bread! This outrageously moreish classic is almost always a hit and at least resembles a fruit, and so I’m classing it as one of my five  seven a day. I’d wholeheartedly recommend BBC Good Food’s recipe for this one, the cake was deliciously moist and creaming butter and sugar makes the most heavenly smell imaginable. This started a kitchen-wide debate as to the best culinary smell, what’s yours?



I realised that despite the fact that I constantly moan about having things to do in the evening as I never get anything productive done, on the days that I have to myself, I end up filling it with other junk. Today’s procrastination was extreme.

I’ve never really been a soup man myself, but after trying out a fantastic curried cauliflower coconut milk and cardamom soup (and not just because it aliterates like no other) I have been meaning to try making some of my own. The soup of the day was tomato, made, quite simply by chucking three peppers, two onions, three cloves of garlic and some herbs in to soften, then topping off with stock, tomatoes and tomato puree. Such simplicity yielded a good amount and, although I’m not big on veggie meals, when paired with some crusty bread, was filling, and felt a lot healthier than my revision-prescription grilled cheese sandwich.


To top off the day, my flatmate’s mom bought him (and by extension, us) a couple of racks of ribs. Two other guys in my flat had exams today and so we thought we’d celebrate by having family rib night!

Ribs are another thing I’ve always enjoyed but never really made properly. The recipe was weird, we used a lot of coke (yes, I’m still a little weirded out by this), spices, salt and pepper into this oddly sweet mix, alongside a more than generous home made barbecue sauce reduction. Here’s the recipe we based it on. Initial ambivalence aside, they were absolutely delicious! Slow cooking in the oven for hours meant the meat fell right off, and the sauce was indeed super sticky! Finger food, soul food. DSC_0904 DSC_0905


I’m going to have a hard time justifying this to my coronaries.


Lemme know what you think!

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