Weekly photo challenge – spring!

I realised I may have confused the seasons somewhat In previous photographic posts, I apologise, I just get very happy at the slightest hint of sun – it’s what you get growing up in Manchester!

This week’s photo challenge is ‘spring’, and after lots of conversations this week, spring and the Easter holidays have pretty much become synonymous with this image right here


I’ve been sat in my room during some of the best days of the year, working to the soundtrack of kids in the park outside having the care-free times of their lives, which, yes is a pretty depressing thought! But for me, it’s one that’s almost over. Two more weeks and I’ll be done with this vicious cycle for another year!

Why am I doing this again..? Haha

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p.s. no, that isn’t a beautiful 2.8 on my windowsill, but a camera lens mug. Now while this may be a very good mug, probably one of the best travel mugs I own, in fact, I don’t enjoy receiving them because when I lay them out on the table they always deceive me into thinking I have way more lenses than I actually do!



  1. sustainabilitea · May 3, 2014

    Here in the Chicago area, it’s been a long, long winter. But I think spring might actually be here now. The grass is green and the trees and flowers are beginning to bloom. Hurrrah!!



  2. brybry1993 · May 4, 2014

    It’s truly a beautiful sight right? I find after a long winter, you completely forget what green grass looks like. I love how trees blossom into such amazing colour!


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