This is probably my first or second proper attempt at street photography involving people!

There’s an internal monologue when you stumble across something that you really want to shoot but aren’t sure whether the people there will be cool with it, especially in a city like London where our indifference towards strangers and other members of the public is a tourist attraction!

Today was an especially good day, probably the best day we’ve had all year, and after a relatively relaxed morning I was in a good mood. Since I got back the guys at King’s Cross put up this massive bird cage. The boulevard is normally crammed with people over lunchtime and there’s a couple of street food vendors around, so people were walking around and a few brave souls decided to take to the swing (admittedly, it did look really fun, and the 10 year old inside us all would think the same I’m sure). This guy was more than  happy to let me take his picture!

In the interest of full disclosure, about three people took to the swing set before I managed to pluck up the courage! There’s a first time for everything! Although I genuinely think having a DSLR is a slight disadvantage due to its imposing look, especially if you’re rocking a larger lens! A rangefinder is definitely on the cards for the future, maybe if I pass exams I’ll treat myself like last year..




Lemme know what you think!

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