Chez nous

It’s almost the end of term, so cue the dinner parties and assorted festivities! We kicked it off with a small gathering at our place, which, admittedly, left it in quite a sorry state this morning, but now it is cleaner than ever (so maybe we should do this more often!?).  The timetable is easing off, which should mean I should be starting revision, I haven’t. Instead, plans are being made left right and centre, to take advantage of everything London has to offer in the way of friends, food and sunshine.

Here’s to the second-to-last week of pre clinical medicine! DSC_0533 DSC_0589 DSC_0568




  1. barbara_lueneburg · April 19, 2014

    Hi Bryan, I love this last photo of yours, the blurry dancing in your room. We have this post on our participatory arts blog searching for contributions to “identity”: The photo would fit perfectly. Would you like to put it on? I am new to wordpress, so I am not sure if you can insert a photo in a comment. Maybe try with a post on your blog, that includes a ping to ours (link to the post URL?) Would be great to feature you at our blog. Or if you are interested, I can add you as a temporary co-blogger and we put your post with the photo on as a response? Happy holidays, Barbara
    By the way, I like your blog.


    • brybry1993 · April 19, 2014

      Hey Barbara! Thanks for the comment, it made my day!
      And yeah sure! I’d love to do a response to “identity”. A guest post or a fully fledged one on my blog?


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