Don’t be a lad

My friend Sam started a blog, and this is probably my favourite post by him, very relevant to today’s university culture of egotistical males alcohol and poor judgement.

Some of the content may come across as dated, prudish, restricting of freedom, but is degradation and objectifying of women, living for the weekend and seeking freedom? Are we not just slaves to our own desires?

Food for thought!



Lad bible Lad culture is a culture where potentially good things  such as a man’s attitude towards  women , socialisi ng and even banter are so often abused. The word lad is used a lot amongst males at University, where phrases such as  “What a lad” and “true lad” are extremely common. Websites such as, ‘Uni Lad’ and ‘The LAD Bible’ have also made it grow increasingly more popular. Should how much of a man you are and therefore how much of lad you are really be based on how much alcohol you can consume and how many women you have slept with? What does The Bible have to say about this culture?

What is a true lad?

It is important to note that when I use the word ‘lad’ in this blog, I am not referring to all males by any means. Within lad culture all men are judged on how much of a lad they are. In…

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