If you’re not living life on the edge, you’re taking up too much space

Everyone’s growing up! So in view of our increasing maturity, we spent saturday shopping for clothes that we once wore for an ‘edgy’ fancy dress party!

In an excited craze, we descended upon East London once again, this time, to take advantage of East End’s thrift store £1 vintage sale. It seemed too good to be true! And in some senses it was, we faced a two and a half hour queue, with a brilliant gradient from the guys at the front, the ‘true’ hipsters with some of the most fantastic outfits I’d ever seen (I’m not even sure outfits covers it, these are their regular clothes!) to us at the back who turned up when doors opened, what a mistake. 

The queue allowed ample time for excitement to build, as we watched droves march out with bags (literally) stuffed with vintage garb, in fact, there was a sign in the actual shop across the street stating: “HANDLES OF BAGS MUST MEET”, so this must be quite popular! More waiting, more second-hand smoking, more hunger, and we finally made it to the front, to enter, what I would describe as one of the most …unique shopping experience to be had.

DSC_0352 DSC_0353

Clothes were strewn everywhere, we’d missed the doors open rush by a considerable amount of time but over 60% of the stock was literally on the ground, nevertheless, people were diving and grabbing, trying to resolve a choice piece of attire from the trodden on garments, a difficult task, might I add. It took us upwards of an hour, but I managed to get a hideous christmas jumper, a women’s tweed blazer and a tartan scarf. In all honesty, if someone turned up early and was prepared to fight tooth and nail, it is very possible to pick up an absolute bargain. The scarf mentioned was 10x cheaper than one I bought a few weeks earlier, and it was 100% wool, It just requires some washing, hah!

Purchases made, all that was left was a sunny cycle through the heart of London and lunch! On my way, I rode past a couple of guys on BMXs, and couldn’t but stop and have a chat! I used to skate, not very well, but I nailed a kick flip in my prime, and I’ll cling to that ’till I die! However, there’s just something so incredible about these sports that demands your attention, I can’t imagine what it would be like to be even half as good as this guy, Daniel, but I’d think it would feel something like this


London truly does shine in the sun!

Palace on stilts_ DSC_0359

The rest of the night was a blur of garish outfits, inordinate amounts of food, awful, awful pictures, retro hip hop and lots of fun!




Lemme know what you think!

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