15:00 Humanitarian Ethics

One, often unfortunate part of studying medicine is that lectures pretty much consist of trying to listen with half of your brain, and with whatever’s left, trying to frantically scribble down the lists of cytokines, interleukins, bacteria and symptoms. It’s rare that you listen to a lecture for, well, just that, to listen and to learn (I’m comfortable with the fact that I must sound like the biggest nerd …ever)

Now this isn’t to say that I don’t love medicine, I do. I love the science behind it, I love the really cool stuff we get to learn about our own bodies, I love the stuff I’ve been able to do through medicine, but learning it can be a total drag. After 3 lectures on autoimmunity and clinical trials, this nondescript lecturer turned up and started sorting out his slides. Being the last lecture of the day, we weren’t expecting much, but he surprised us all by pleading with us not to take notes?! Hesitant, I kept my laptop open and started typing as he began his preamble, which he abruptly stopped, urging, for a second time, for us not to take notes. Odd. So I turned it off.

What followed was an hour of intellectual stimulation, thought provoking discussion, insight and yes, I remember more from that lecture than I do the three before!

I’m probably not going to revise the ins and outs of torture, the statistics, prevalence – any of that, chances are it won’t even come up in my exam, neither attendance or the video of this lecture was even recorded so there’s no evidence it even happened, but I guess that’s what made it great, that it was a once off, hour of learning for the sake of knowledge.

Now back to Hashimoto’s thyroiditis..



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