Chelsea Hotel No. 2

I’m not the greatest fan of zoom lenses, feet do just fine! However, some circumstances call for them, like this one. Working at a function is slightly different, lighting is tricky and there are static crowds to work through, silently, leaving the main act/speaker to take centre stage; you feel like a ninja skulking around trying to get a good angle. A ninja in winkle pickers.

I borrowed my friend Tom’s 18-135 (along with his 600D) and had some fun with that! Going from a pretty short prime to being able to stand in one spot and pick someone’s face off wherever they are in the room took some getting used to, and I’ll admit, I reckon I got a bit lazy, but for occasions where you want people to remain natural, it gives you such a big range of focal lengths, as an entry zoom, I’d highly recommend it. However, for that reason, I had to put away the flash gun, which, on an f/5.6 means noise noise noise, the cruel tradeoff.

The night was a reception for Sir Michael and Lady Heller who sponsor medical students in the arts, and quite a lot of people I knew were there across all six years, which always makes these sorts of things more fun! Moreover, they were performing! One girl who I only really got to know over a dissection table (sorry!) absolutely blew us all away with a magnificent Chopin; phenomenal! There was another Jazz pianist, a piece from a Chinese opera, a moving cover of Leonard Cohen’s Chelsea Hotel No. 2 and jazz pianist. All medical students, pursuing a hobby outside the career which was lovely to see. 

one thing philanthropy should never replace is core funding … it should always be used to achieve something you, otherwise, never would have had the chance to” 

DSC_0087 IMG_8801

DSC_0081 IMG_8817


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