The greatest thing since sliced bread…

…is more bread!

Procrastination, as it often does, led me to Westfield, Stratford. On my way, I noticed a new bakery opened up on my street. I totally have no idea why I did this, but I decided to pop in and see whether they needed a photographer. The lady behind the counter was really nice, and called the owner, Paul, who told me everything about the place, he makes the bread every morning, she comes in the afternoons and makes the cakes, with a market stall and soda bread over the weekend. He said that it was essentially their family business with pretty much everyone in there working for free as they tried to establish themselves and find their feet.

A great thing about living near Caledonian Road is the sheer variety at your doorstep; you can pretty much buy anything from anywhere, and so this year I’ve found myself increasingly favouring local over supermarket (although, mum got me a Sainsbury’s shopping card for Christmas, and 24h Co-op definitely has its uses). It’s nice to see that in a time where people seem to be cutting staff in favour of automation, ground is still fertile for small start up businesses that run on sweat, elbow grease, and frosting (apt, seen as it is, after all, the final defence of the dying..).

I am fully aware this probably broke every single London paradigm in the unwritten book, but it was nice to see people so passionate about their business, and they were really happy to see people showing interest (it appears I wasn’t the only one, they were already in the local paper!). 

To top it all off, they gave me some free bread, and it was delicious!





  1. directorb · February 9, 2014

    Great post, thanks for sharing!


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