“I wouldn’t be caught dead in that..”

As you grow up, you inevitably go through several style phases, none so pronounced, for me and those who knew me back then, as the emo phase (decidedly more difficult with an afro, but I wasn’t for want of trying..). Since then, there have always been fads and trends of fashion that you would once swear against, and before you know it, be picking up from the display.

Being a London medical student probably saw me undergo the most drastic changes of late, swapping hoodies for herringbone, skatepacks for satchels, crews for cardigans. Not only are we expected to look smart for patient contact, but living in Mayfair, the streets were a catwalk (this isn’t even an exaggeration, Saville Row was up the road). I still remember buying my first vaguely formal pair of shoes for my high school prom and how much I hated their lack of padding. Four years on and they still make an appearance every time I’m in for clinics; never say never!

Today, it’s the oversize button down flannel; up to the top, tomorrow..?




Lemme know what you think!

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