Cake and denial


I think I’m currently in that blissful state of denial/ignorance regarding the steadily mounting workload, but this is how I blow off steam! The majority of saturday and sunday were spent either cleaning, making posters, shopping, sleeping or cooking, and most of today was spent baking/eating the baked and absolutely kicking butt at Articulate/Mafia. All in all, a very lovely way to end a sunny sunday!


CakeCakeCake CakeCakeCake-2 CakeCakeCake-3 CakeCakeCake-4 CakeCakeCake-5 CakeCakeCake-6 CakeCakeCake-7 CakeCakeCake-8 CakeCakeCake-9 CakeCakeCake-10 CakeCakeCake-11


Lemme know what you think!

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