Havin’ a ball

One of the things I love about my job is the really cool things you get to do! Yesterday I was shooting for UCLU Netball’s annual charity ball, and it was, well, a ball! It is more fun when you actually know people there, which is bound to happen as a UCL medic (we’re everywhere!) so it was even more enjoyable seeing a couple of guys there and catching up. It’s lots of work, but it definitely has its perks!

Ballin-8 Ballin-2

These guys were great! I’m not sure whether it was alcohol or just them but they sauntered up, demanded a picture, demanded another and proceeded to dominate the empty dance floor and bust out the moves! (to be honest, I’m leaning towards the latter, that or they’re incredible at balancing inebriatedBallin-5 Ballin-6 Ballin-3 Ballin-4

Most of photography is down to luck and timing. This picture, whilst being one of my all time favourites, truly proves that point


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