Open mic night

Our events week came to a spectacular close as we hosted an open mic night with a fantastic turnout from the whole student body. We had acts classical, modern, spoken and downright hilarious! I think the best part for me was the unexpected, for example, my friend Tom went up to play the harmonica, completely out of the blue, and had the whole crowd singing along. Then there was this student who no one knew – she just turned up, plugged in and absolutely blew the roof off with her incredible voice. What made the night is the fact that initially, we were all a little worried that we went a little too big, maybe stepped beyond our means in terms of the size of our society, given that other events were running on the same night, but by the end, I literally couldn’t have imagined any way that could have gone better! Here’s to the rest of the year UCLUCU!

Open mic Open mic-2 Open mic-3 Open mic-4 Open mic-5 Open mic-6 Open mic-7 Open mic-9 Open mic-10 Open mic-8




Lemme know what you think!

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