Mission week day 2

I was asked by the committee of our CU to head our lunch bar and talks today, which has been a whole new experience for me!

I’ve never really led anything totally on my own back, so it was pretty difficult having to think of everything, the execution of the day, catering, help, all that sort of stuff, but in the end it really paid off. We had loads of people there I’d never seen before, and the lecture on The God Delusion was very well executed! And I just loved how God worked through my stubbornness to invite certain flat mates to not only get them to come but have them wanting to come to more, amazing!

Really looking forward to getting more people thinking about bigger questions in life!

In other news, running on zero sleep, having to cycle down to the supermarket to get fresh bread for the sandwiches that we had to make at 8am in the morning sends one a little crazy, I achieved my life long dream to become the Cyndaquil of French bread; I wonder how many times I’ll have ended up on the internet following my commute with all these on my back…




Lemme know what you think!

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