“hey, have you heard of this new app…”

Now I don’t know about you, but this situation is one I find myself in quite frequently. Innocent though it seems, it’s actually quite a jarring question, you see, this innocent asking is challenging a very strongly rooted paradigm that is my phone ecosystem.

So far, I’ve lived in contentment with my current provision of apps, I have apps for travel, ones for music, others for my down time or when I’m commuting, fitness apps, photography apps, and even the odd red herring such as the Sleep Cycle app.

We then go through the initial phase of brushing it off as superfluous, despite their pleas that it will “literally change your life”, after long and hard considerations as to the price of the app, the design of the app, whether you then have to buy more upgrades once downloaded and if it fits in to a category or whether you’ll have to make a whole new one (another can of worms involving re-jigging your entire home screen), you reluctantly concede and download the app. Now comes the phase of intense euphoria as you realise, yes, this is actually a fantastic app, proceeding to thank your friend for their recommendation, followed by the harrowing realisation that you may never perform a single productive task for the foreseeable future. 

..so yeah guys, have you heard of QuizUp?




  1. jdh5153 · January 20, 2014

    I enjoy QuizUp. It’s interface is really pleasing and it sort of keeps me playing quiz after quiz because I just like looking at it and hearing the sounds haha.



    • brybry1993 · January 25, 2014

      Yes it’s beautiful! The music is very well chosen, it’s the right balance of relaxation and tension! The concept is also brilliant and works really well at matching you with random people, whilst maintaining the competitive spirit between you and other friends who have the app!


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