Rehashing old truths

This always happens in church, time and again we’re subjected to the nativity story, some ubiquitous parables such as that of the Lost Son and the Easter story. Don’t get me wrong, these are big big truths in the bible, but often out of routine we assume we know it and possibly this is something for the newcomers, I know I sometimes do, or just let it wash over you because you get the general gist. It’s good at times to have people that give you a right kicking (in the theological sense!) and force you to really think about what they mean for us. For me, this came over a Crunchie bar at the BMA.

We were just chatting about stuff to so with the upcoming mission/events week on campus, and we’re discussing how we’d approach the gospel to someone who didn’t know it before, and then Pete said, so let’s go a bit further, for us.

If you were going to be trapped on a desert island and you were only allowed one person with you, who’d it be? For me, it was Dad (no hard feelings mum, I just don’t think you could take the heat!) Now think back to your school days to someone who really used to pick on you, for me this was a guy called Josh L, always used to call me chubs, I took a bit too much pleasure in the fact that he was expelled a year later.. Anyway, so imagine that guy or girl, now imagine letting your loved one die for this person who did nothing but scorn and abuse you, could you do it? Could you do it for a classroom of people like him? Say you did and, oh, two of them realised what you did and were really thankful, but a few days later on the yard, people were talking about this person ‘[insert your name here]’ and he just stood there and didn’t even acknowledge you not what you did. How would you feel? Having willingly sentenced your mum/dad/daughter/son/whoever, to an untimely fate for their sake?

Pete told me him and his wife are expecting a little girl, so it became even more real for him and I guess if I ever become a parent I’ll feel God’s sacrifice even more but this was an insanely huge challenge because God did this for a whole world of people who to this day mock him yet he still loves us.

This is a huge challenge for me, when it comes to discussing God with friends and people, definitely something to think about!



Lemme know what you think!

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