A spoonful of sugar

After spending the vast majority of the week in lounge pants and joggers, it was good to break the self imposed hermit life and leave the house, despite the chore of wearing clothes suitable for people other than your immediate family, and on occasion, the mailman.

I’ve lived in manchester for the better part of 10 years and only now am I starting to appreciate the nicer parts outside the local mall. My current favourite hang out whenever I’m at home is the Northern Quarter – our very own little bit of East London. One shop in particular, Teacup on Thomas St., makes the nicest flourless chocolate cake, I would definitely recommend a visit simply for that! Today I went to catch up with a new old friend form camp who now goes to uni, giving me a good excuse to try out their new shop near Manchester Cathedral – Proper Tea. Even though we joked that it looked like a date, I’m pretty sure everyone genuinely thought it, the single table by the window side overlooking the fairy lit street probably didn’t help. It was worth it though, as the drinks and cake were beautiful, and free! Not only that but we got even more because we were the last ones in there and they were going to throw them away otherwise, winner!

Following this, a family Nando’s – as you can tell, I keep a very balanced diet of carbs and chicken..Tea Tea-2 Tea-3 Tea-4 Tea-5 Tea-6 Tea-7 Tea-8 Tea-9 Tea-10 Tea-11


And now to sit and pore over some 1920s font for an art deco poster, Oh how I miss graphic design..



Lemme know what you think!

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