Happy new year!

Like a total rookie, I deleted the master copies of my new year pictures, there are no words to describe the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as you arrive at the woeful realisation that they are no more..

If I’m totally honest, I have no idea where 2013 went, it seems to have been and gone in a complete blur. Lots of big things happened, such as moving out and going to university, which was like a whole life altering experience of its own, blogging, taking up photography, but I have the odd feeling that theres a lot of time I could have spent last year doing other things. That’s why my new year resolution, if you can call this vague target one, is to make more use of the time that I have. How I’ll do that? No idea, but one thing is for sure, as much as it’s good to plan for stuff in the future, if you keep your eyes constantly on what’s next, often, you miss what’s happening right here in the now and before you know it, poof, it’s the future, what’ve you got to show for it?



Lemme know what you think!

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