One thing I really dislike about Kenya is how long it takes to get everywhere. I think we take the UK’s small size for granted, in that everything is within a reasonable driving distance. This isn’t totally false in Kenya’s case, but even the places which are, you end up going down roads where a good 50% is either ditches, craters or rocks, meaning a one hour journey takes a good three! This has meant that for the last week I’ve been home for roughly 24 hours!


Now I don’t know what these birds are, but we get a lot of them here, and believe me, they are HUGE! This was a really lucky shot when they all flew overhead from trees and flagpoles, but they are huge targets anyway!


There are some positives to driving in Kenya, one of them is definitely looking out of the side of your window and seeing things like this!


Or this!


This was one of the trees in my dad’s little forest!


My grandma’s farm is really high up in the Rift Valley, my great grandma lives even higher up but we didn’t go there overnight. They go to sleep under this blanket of stars every night. I totally forgot the wide angle, so I can’t even do this justice, but the sky was just so brilliantly clear!




This was a pretty pathetic attempt at light painting, It worked! (sort of..)


This was the view from the back, near the outhouse.


Dad always used to tell us stories about how back in his day, they used to have to revise with kerosene lamps with their feet in cold water to stop them going to sleep after a hard day’s work on the farm. Now It didn’t quite get to cold-buckets-of-water depths, but there’s a lot of work not getting done here…


Today was a really good day! On our way back from great grandma’s, it was getting too late, and if driving in the day is hard, night makes it a deathtrap! So dad rang up one of his cousins who lived in the area. Now when this happens, often it means sitting around whilst grown ups chat about stuff, and not quite grasping the language, you can’t really participate. This is the story for quite a lot of family meet ups. However, he had his whole family round, which included lots of guys around my age who I’d never met! We crashed with them last night, and today went to see Thomson’s falls. It was so fun! We climbed down to the bottom and got absolutely soaked. They were totally happy with skipping over the wet rocks whilst my legs were shaking like a chicken! This was also a terrible day to wear a/ black skinny jeans and b/ new Vans with no grip. Suffice to say both were totalled, but it was totally worth it, the view from the bottom was fantastic, and I met more family that I didn’t even know about!


It was a long week, it was a stressful week but it was also a great week! I love being home.

Kenya-17 Kenya-20 Kenya-21


Lemme know what you think!

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