God does incredible things every day, sometimes we even get to see them. 

So my mum hasn’t been terribly well over the last 18 months, and as a result had to take almost that entire period off work. It was a really difficult time for us as a family, it just seemed like everything was happening at once, you know? But dad’s work was really nice and they let him take days off at a time when he needed to come home so she wouldn’t have to go to hospital on her own, and I really thank God for him, he really helped us stick together through what could have been a really horrible time. Diagnoses after diagnoses and prayer after prayer, eventually, God answered them all and she’s so much better it’s incredible! 

I’m only really appreciating the magnitude of the situation now, as they didn’t like telling me about what was happening when I was hundreds of miles away, there are things that are better said face to face, but I’m so glad that when that time did come, it was good news. 

The length of time she was off though meant that money was pretty hard to come by, which wasn’t great given on top of everything we normally have to finance, the student loan I’m getting doesn’t cover my rent. To top it all off, the landlords customarily ask for the first and last two months rent, which doesn’t sound like much, but one of the downsides to living here is that a single room cost more a month than our 4 bedroom house! But god delivered, yet again. 

When we bought the house, she took out some insurance protection thing, not the sort they badger on about on the TV, but still pretty standard stuff. For the whole period, and after, that she was ill, we didn’t hear a peep from them, so it was totally forgotten about. But when we really did need it, came through for us! Which means we have some breathing space for now! 

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him” – Rom. 8:28



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