Just a minute!

Four gruelling hours of pharmacology into my Saturday, I’d had enough and decided to treat myself to some retail therapy. And It worked! I’m really unsure as to why it’s so relaxing but it is definitely my go-to pastime when it all gets too much. I actually managed to get what I was looking for too – always a bonus! 

This was followed by a beautifully made roast dinner at my friend Anna’s house with some of the guys from our bible study group, which was great! We’re a hotch-potch bunch from all over London as there aren’t enough UCL people to fully make our own group (I blame King’s College!) but I’d be bold enough to claim we get on the best, and definitely have the best socials. 

Tonight’s CU meeting also didn’t disappoint,. The room was packed, almost overflowing, people were sat on the floor, which is totally incredible, it’s awesome seeing so many new faces around and it’s got me so psyched for our holiday away! After which we went to the bar and played a game of just a minute! I mentioned it on a whim and before you know it, my friend Gideon was offering to be Nicholas Parsons and Ben was definitely taking on the role of Gyles Brandreth, waffling for 35 seconds at a time. It made such a change to the usual university bar scene, I loved it! I also got a first year nephew! It’s going to be really cool seeing him grow/suffer embryology during the year, haha! 

After quite a trying week in terms of house dynamics, it’s such a breath of fresh air to be able to escape all the drama and the fronts, as sometimes it can feel like a minefield, in more ways than one. Sometimes I really thank God for certain people he’s put in my life, without which I hesitate to think where I would be to this day. It’s got me thinking a lot about my future, and decisions that I’ll need to make for the forks that will inevitably crop up. 

It’s going to be a long 5 years! 


Lemme know what you think!

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