The N1 nightmares

So this weekend out shower almost burnt the house down, we had no hot water and I just found a massive patch of damp in my room, add this to the 0.1mbps wifi in my room and you get the perfect start to living by yourself!

So over this period of teething with the new house, I am realising that it’s harder than we thought. It’s by no means the worst, our differences are relatively minor, but I can’t put all the blame on the other guys because I guess I chose this too an I’m not perfect either! (especially when it comes to any sort of washing up – mum would love this) so it’s good, in a sense, that this is happening because we all get to see what we need to change in ourselves.

For me, I tend to let things slide too much, which, I guess doesn’t really sound like a bad thing but then nothing ever gets done, and soon, one small thing turns into this huge elephant in the room, you have to constantly dodge it when trying to get anything done, resulting in nothing but bitterness for something no one has a clue about. Definitely something I need to sort out. I also think honesty is a massive thing when it comes to living together because you’re together for a year or more, sooner or later whatever your agenda, it’s gonna come out.

We had a talk in CU today though by the evangelism sec, who had one brilliant line that went something like “I had to reach the end of myself before God picked me up and said “here, here is where we start””, and I think that’s pretty applicable to so many things that we try in vain to fix ourselves. Like this. Otherwise, I reckon we’d burn out, and what good would that be to anyone?

Big things to think over.



Lemme know what you think!

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