So I took this weekend off from work and decided to enjoy it before lectures and labs get too intense, and it was totally worth it. Friday was the day I finally decided to join the Northern society, and it was an absolute blast, ended up meeting someone from my local area; small world.

Saturday was the first Christian Medical Fellowship barbecue, which was really good as there was so, so much food. I discovered cornbread – my life will never be the same, how did I live without this stuff! And it was just really cool seeing that there are so many christian on my course, a course where it seems anyone who isn’t a Christian is often pretty hostile to the whole idea. I did, however, find out that one of the girls in my anatomy group is, which is one of the greatest feelings ever. I now totally understand what Elijah must have felt when God told him about all the other prophets that had not bowed the knee (1 Kings 19). I have the feeling that so many big things are going to happen this year!

Today was equally as fun. I went up to Hampstead to visit my friend from back home studying at King’s College (their halls are beautiful, if not impossibly far away)  and we headed down to this huge festival in Shoreditch. Brick Lane is known for its alternative markets on a Sunday, but this was much larger. So much was going on, the food was fantastic! I think it’s more about the sheer number of people walking around looking at all the stuff that just makes you want to be a part of it. However, most of the market is inaccessible to the meagre bank accounts of London students so window shopping is all we could afford. There was, however, a lovely artist who pinned his art on one wall for his exhibition ‘Sell out butterflies’, saying anyone could take it! That totally made my day. I nabbed a cool looking lego piece that’s now on my wall. Full credit goes to the man himself, Alex Arnell – Thank you for jazzing up my wall and making my day.


Brick Lane Festival Brick Lane Festival-4 Brick Lane Festival-2 Brick Lane Festival-3 Brick Lane Festival-5 Brick Lane Festival-6
Brick Lane Festival-10
Brick Lane Festival-9 Brick Lane Festival-8 Brick Lane Festival-7


Lemme know what you think!

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