The Towpath


Either side of my new house is Regent’s canal. I walk over it every day going into university but last week I had a bit of time spare so decided to take a little detour and see where it would go. Both ways. The first, I’ll admit, had some direction. I wanted to check out the Towpath Cafe, a quaint little eatery a few miles down the canal.

One thing I love about London it just how diverse the environments can get. Walking along the canal, you often forget that you’re in the capital, lost in the peace and tranquility of the boats and the water. It made for a lovely little break from it all, and I would definitely recommend the Towpath cafe. It’s near impossible to walk past it without entering, the smell is simply heavenly. I felt truly sorry for the joggers running laps past this place, I guess it would act as fantastic motivation.

The other side of the towpath led straight in to Camden on a market day, where you can get almost every kind of food and clothing item! I’m normally not too keen on markets, but this one takes the cake for me. However, many people weren’t too keen on pictures (why?!) So I ate my lunch and left! It carries on to separate Regent’s Park and Primrose hill. This stretch is really quiet bar the odd boat or two. There was also this really unusual stretch where people seemed to have made a permanent home for themselves in their canal boats. In all honesty, it looked like such a cool place, there were tables, chairs, patios, decorations, fairy lights; at night, this place must look fantastic!

That’s all for now!


The Towpath-10


The Towpath-21

I fell in love with this Nikon EM. The viewfinder, my word. I’ve never dabbled in film, but this would definitely make the list. Early birthday present?!

The Towpath-23

Graffiti may be a problem in Central London, but then someone goes and does this.

The Towpath The Towpath-25 The Towpath-26 The Towpath-27 The Towpath-28 The Towpath-2 The Towpath-9 The Towpath-8 The Towpath-15 The Towpath-14 The Towpath-13 The Towpath-12 The Towpath-7 The Towpath-4 The Towpath-18 The Towpath-5 The Towpath-6 The Towpath-19 The Towpath-20 The Towpath-22



  1. David Azik · October 5, 2013

    I could look at pictures like these all day. Great work man and keep it up!


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