Moving mountains

Today we had a church welcome party for new and returning members of St. Helens and in a word, it was amazing!

Last year in halls, one of my friends there was the super atheist, always used to shoot down my other friend who tried to talk to him, today, he turned up to the welcome party on his own back, absolutely amazing! And this other guy from my course showed up too, totally out of the blue which further added to my felicity. In addition, one of my medic children turned out to be a Christian and is so keen to come to our open house tomorrow, I can’t wait to go!

This whole week has blown my mind, shattered my expectations. It’s shown me that, I guess, you really can’t put a barrier in front of what God wants to do. When we think ‘oh they’re probably not even interested’, we might be totally off the mark.




  1. Holly · September 26, 2013

    Ya, we very often forget its God who works on their hearts and prepares them for the seeds to be planted.


    • brybry1993 · September 27, 2013

      Yeah! Which is actually such a liberating thing because the job of getting them to be live isn’t ours, but we forget all this when it doesn’t go according to plan


      • Holly · September 27, 2013

        Absolutely! Thanks for the reminder!


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