Lots has happened this week! But due to lack of internet and 37GB (safe to say, Three are probably regretting using the words unlimited in my contract) but it’s been fun seeing everyone back at uni, exploring London, and sharing life together!

Today I tried to tick two things off my London list – see a sunshine over Waterloo Bridge and visit a rooftop garden.

The first was foiled by our classic English weather – horrendously overcast and miserable, despite the valiant efforts of Accuweather. It did, however, give me an opportunity to have some fun with light trails which I’d never done before, and experience the joys of the 5am Routemaster.

For the rest of the day, I caught up with my friend Kloe as we walked around London in search of the Roof Gardens, Babylon. After walking for roughly three hours in what was now blistering heat, we were coldly turned away by a unsympathetic receptionist who informed us someone had booked out all the floors for a private function; in London, money talks.

On the plus side, it was pizza day today, and it was good.


Stop Stop-2 Stop-9 Stop-4 Stop-5 Stop-6 Stop-10 Stop-12


Lemme know what you think!

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