London bound

Well, I’m already here, but we haven’t sorted out internet in our house yet so I’m relying on Three to get me through the next week and a half. It’s funny how you never really realise how much you need something until you no longer have it. I find myself genuinely considering entering a Starbucks or equivalent, just for the feel of WiFi! (well, I would if I could afford it right now!)

So I’ve finally moved in to my new house! I’m sharing with a few medics and some more friends from university. The first few days have been an experience, but I’m sort of getting used to the idea of being in a proper house on my own (I mean, it’s not like I left the back door completely ajar for a whole day out or anything)

I cooked my first meal on my own! Which went quite well I have to admit! Given, it was flanked on either side with many a McDonald’s but hopefully this means that I may have a chance of making it through second year alive.

My last days at home were nice, It definitely wasn’t as big a thing as moving out last year, but I think my parents are beginning to realise that in four years time my sister will move out again and the empty nest syndrome will kick in, which made for quite a sad little conversation! I think my sister is also showing some more emotion, she actually gave me a hug as I left, which is a massive thing for her, haha!

We went out as a family for dinner on the last night which was lovely. My mum has quite a conservative palette, which means we don’t really have variety in our eateries, Italian is probably as adventurous as it gets in our house. However,  we decided to go to French (although, it probably isn’t really) and head out to Cafe Rouge. It was absolutely delicious, I had a rib eye steak, dad had some chicken, mum had a beautifully sautéed chicken in wine and cream sauce and my sister had what she claims to be the nicest burger she’s ever eaten, and we’ve eaten some good burgers! The restaurant looked really nice too, even though I know it’s a chain, I love all the little touches that go into its design. So all in all, glowing reviews for Cafe Rouge Didsbury!

I’m unsure what to feel on my approach to second year. On the one hand, I’m really excited to see everyone again, do some really cool stuff, join new societies and even learning, as doing limbs as after this year we’ll know so much of the body, we might begin to be useful! However, it’s exactly this that fills me with absolute dread. Over the 4 month summer I’ve forgotten the concept of hard work, so Wednesday should be interesting to say the least.

Cafe Rouge-1 Cafe Rouge-2 Cafe Rouge-3 Cafe Rouge-4 Cafe Rouge-5 Cafe Rouge-6 Cafe Rouge-7 Cafe Rouge-8 Cafe Rouge-9



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