The dreaded Nefyn hangover

So, camp has finally come to an end and we all returned to our normal boring lives. I got a lift home from some really good friends of mine, the Thomases (check out their blogs: ofatreecalledlife & thispeculiartreasure ), this being the first time they’ve ever been to my house, nothing could prepare me for the embarrassment that would ensue as they laughed at picture after horrendously fat baby picture. It’s like my home is a shrine to my past self!

The second week was really different from the first, the children were older, the talks were more hard hitting, stuff was generally more intense. The theme was ups and downs in faith, using Peter as the main example alongside other stories such as the Prodigal Son. There was a team pastor for the leaders, Joe, and his wife Maurine. These guys are incredible. I asked Joe to come to one of our quiet times and he just told us about his life as a missionary in Africa – some of the things he said were just mind blowing: being sought after by bomber planes which manage to drop their entire payload and miss every time even though the seeker knew exactly where they were as he was talking to him, being shot at on a daily basis, seeing so much healing, crazy! All because He let go of the bottle, he lives his life stepping out of the boat and onto the water, looking at Jesus. This was probably the biggest challenge for me as I struggle when it comes to actually experiencing God, which may be because I never let him do anything for me to experience him through! Relying on your own strength, I’m learning, is tiring and doesn’t get you anywhere and is just going to disappoint.

This year has probably been the hardest in terms of my experience as a tent leader. The past two I’ve had great tents made up of kids on the older edge of the bracket who are, for the most part, willing to get stuck in. This year was harder because for the first week, the kids were hyper and didn’t really want to engage, especially with the ‘God stuff’. However, I feel that this was again God showing me not to make assumptions based on what I think I can do, but to wait on Him as it’s His Job. The kids who I thought wouldn’t get it at all turned out to be the most inquisitive, the most rowdy got the most stuck in and changed the most! This was such a cool turn around!

But now I’m home and life is slow, two weeks separates me from London where I must learn to fend for my self in the big wide self-catered world as I begin my second year of medical school. Huff.




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