Day 10/11: long exposure

Leading for two weeks, it looked so good on paper…

E camp is good, the kids are a bit older and (somewhat) more mature, my tent listen to me and actually go to sleep which, I must say, makes a very pleasant change to sleeping bag wrestling and talking about the man with the ten stone family jewels. I then felt something I thought I never would, they may have been too quiet! But today they really got on as a tent and quiet times were really good!

The talks are heavier, which I guess is a good thing because they also challenge us as leaders, as often, we may just drift out of listening because we think we know it all already. The big challenge for me came through the speakers friend and it was about being real with someone. Really opening up to a fellow Christian mate or mentor and telling them, openly and honestly, about your walk with God. This struck me because I suck at this due to one reason or another, and it needs to stop because otherwise no one can help you or build you up if you don’t let them in. Challenge!

Wales is also beautiful, I’m going to Kenya in a few months and one of my favourite things is that when we visit my grandma in the Rift Valley, the moon and stars shine so bright due to lack of ambient light that they illuminate the floor brilliantly. There is almost no need for a streetlight! I’ve just come from lying on my back in a damp field trying out some long exposure shots of the sky above and I’m proud to say I got something vaguely looking alike! Focussing is the hardest part as any light from your camera pretty much blinds you, live view is useless and the viewfinder doesn’t work when you use a chair as a tripod. Pictures will come soon I hope!



Lemme know what you think!

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