Day 3 and Another failed attempt

The week has gotten off to a decent start, leading with an old friend Pete, with 5 campers. They were initially really hyperactive, wouldn’t sit down, listen or concentrate which I found really difficult to deal with as I’m only 19 and feel like I have little to no authority! However, today I saw something which made it feel like we were getting somewhere. One of the campers who was initially a major problem started singing when I split him up from his partner in crime, he even stood on a bench so he could see the words, God works in mysterious ways and I’m hoping that he’ll work miracles in and through these kids! Here’s to four more days of long days and later nights.

This morning we had a lie in so I decided to get a hit of my current addiction – sunrises. Woke up at 5:30 to walk down to the cliffpath, a little early so I could get some moody pictures of boats on the shore (pictures to come soon) , unfortunately, I got caught out again due to the dreaded cloud but I did manage to get the tail end of one!

I also met this incredible guy on the beach, he was walking along at around 6 with his three dogs, absolutely loving life. He gave me a little history lesson on the ex sea town that is nefyn, covering the seasonal changes to the sea (which I would die to see – apparently it freezes over in the winter) and even some tips on the local fauna, including a fox that, like him, makes a daily beach run. Apparently he’s been doing that walk every day for 50 years! The Londoner in me reviles at the prospect of conversing with strangers in a non-life-or-death situation but I’m glad he was there as, albeit, transient company.

Word of the day: phenomenal





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