Thought for today

The word for today is cool. Daily little quiet times that often challenge our day to day lives. Recently, the big theme has been working for the kingdom which is quite applicable to me right now as I often squander a lot of my time. Here’s what struck me, what if God was your boss? Jesus your line manager. How would you change how you work? Procrastination? Effort? Attitude? Why should it be any different with human bosses or deadlines because God is still there right? Driving it further home, it refers to the parable of the talents – three people were given an investment by their boss, one got 10 shares, one 5 and the other 1. The first two did business with their shares, doubling their portions. The last guy, fearful of the guy in charge as he was renown for being short tempered, did nothing with his, hid it away and got no returns. The master returned and was angry at the last guy, why? Because he gave him something and he did nothing with his share, what use is that to the master? He might as well have left it in the bank, at least then he’d get some interest. So his share was taken from him and given to the guy who had 10 and gave those two guys even more shares.

God gives us talents, gifts, and it’s up to us to use them to serve him, otherwise, he’ll just take them away. We have to be trustworthy with the small stuff to be trusted with bigger stuff. I struggle with this sometimes because putting yourself out there is scary stuff, especially in this day and age so this is particularly challenging but God has brought me this far, grown me this much, so ill just trust in him to take me to the next level.


Lemme know what you think!

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