Sadness, and meat

Expecting mail makes you paranoid. All week I’ve been pretty patient, of course, I’ve missed little Fred but I’ve had my heart set on today being the day, so I got up late (less waiting time) and for almost the entire day paced restlessly around the house, ears pricking at the slightest sound indicative of the parcel force man coming though my gate. It’s honestly one of the most frustrating times as I found out, in the end, it wasn’t even supposed to come today as Saturday delivery hasn’t been paid for, classic. So I turned up camera-less, which wasn’t bad as it meant I could go to a barbecue beforehand and drown my point-and-shoot misery out in burger after burger. After which came the reception which was lovely!

My friend Ryan and I went in suits and turned up in a Bentley like absolute sirs (after which we felt shamefully overdressed) but the car was incredible! Edge to edge red leather interior, wood and brushed steel trimmings, and the acceleration, my word! If this was my everyday car… We met up with some old teachers and it was really cool to catch up with them and see how school has changed over the last three years, it’s weird to think just how big a difference there’s been in my life since I left! Probably for the better; less screamo.




Lemme know what you think!

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