Why I love weddings

So if you read the post earlier today, you’ll know that I spent the day at a friend’s wedding. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and there was not a cloud in sight; one could not wish for a better day to be wed. The ceremony itself was lovely, led by another of our family friends who just recently became ordained. He gave everyone a quick crash course on the dos and don’ts of living a married life before proceeding with the formalities and seeing them off to the start of their lives together. After this followed the reception at a Thistle hotel which was lovely! Everything was in a roomy marquee set on the grassy courtyard, each table had a little disposable camera which the kids really had fun with and the food was probably the best I’ve had at a wedding so far.

The speeches were probably the best part. Both sides had family that flew over thousands of miles to see the two on their special day and it was really nice to see how the community all come together for such an event and welcome her into their family – “you won’t have a mother-in-law, you’ll have a new mum!”, they really saw her as one of their own. It’s this sense of togetherness, this love, that you can sometimes forget when looking at the world so it’s good to have a little reminder of how things can be you know?

I’m not going to lie, I did spend more time than I’d like to admit, in preparation for this, reading up on wedding photography – I really got into it! this book, Photocrafty, got me going. It has around 70 different projects for people getting into photography, it’s awesome, check it out! Much to my dismay, they did have a wedding photographer, two, in fact, which popped my little delusion filled bubble that I’m actually good enough to do an entire wedding myself, ha! So this had me inwardly sulking and ogling at her incredible glass… (f/2.8, to be precise) but as the day went on, I managed to talk to them. Turns out, they’re married! Once I knew, the signs were obvious, the way they talked to each other, discussed shots and angles, heck, they even had the same cameras! They were a lovely couple and really got on well with the kids who were constantly begging to have ago at holding their several thousand pound babies (the temptation was there, I have to admit). He gave me some great advice, told me about how he started his business up from the ground with his wife and is now doing something he loves for a living; if only everyone could be as lucky!

Today also marked the first time I went shooting in M, it was so cool! Up till now, A was all and M remained a mystery but it gives you much more flexibility, especially when shooting in low light and the camera freaks out and clamps down on the shutter speed leading to wibbley wobbly blurry wurry stuff. Sadly, and this was probably the saddest event of the day, her Polaroid didn’t work! Something to do with the flash not charging properly so they wouldn’t expose in the normal way. Taking out film from one of those bad boys without wasting an exposure makes you feel like a secret agent, everything had to be exact and done in absolute darkness; it was awesome!

All in all, a perfect day to be wed


Jack and EnidEnid and her best-maid Jack and EnidDSC_0083The first dance Everybody dance!

This picture was taken by a kid I met there called Jordan, he loved taking pictures of anything and everything and somehow managed to get this lovely candid of the photography couple

This picture was taken by a kid I met there called Jordan, he loved taking pictures of anything and everything and somehow managed to get this lovely candid of the photography couple


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